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Purchasing PoaCure is very different from the rest of our product range. We will be selling PoaCure through our agents similar to “prescription medicine”.

  • Initially fill out form on website or talk to one of our descributors (link)
  • A discussion between Campbells, Distributor and Turf Manger will be made on the goals and course of action.
  • The aim is to start slowly as we will work with you to increase your treated area over time. At most, 1-2 bottles (approx. 500m²-100m² coverage) as a program)
  • If you decide to purchase you will only get what is agreed upon.
  • Keep in communication over the time period. We may need to adjust rates and/or timings.
  • As you get comfortable with the product and see what PoaCure can do for you we are keen to discuss a broader use – however we will continue discussions between CCC, Distributor and turf manager.

No very different. Paclobutrazol is a plant growth regulator. PoaCure is a herbicide.

Only trinexepac-ethyl (Shadow Ultra) link here. We recommend ceasing Poclobutrazol (Paclo 200SC) and Ethephon at least 2 weeks before PoaCure program starts and wait until 4 weeks after PoaCure applications have ceased.

We recommend PoaCure to be used in Autumn and Spring time mainly for best results. We DO NOT recommend PoaCure to be used in summer.

Simple answer YES. PoaCure has been successful in eliminating Poa from areas with over
50%infestation. However a careful management plan is needed here, as you will need to allow your
bentgrass to cover over the dead patches.

Any turf surface where Poa is a problem.

Essentially yes PoaCure will control annua and other biotypes. however, responses within biotypes
can differ.

In 10 years of commercial use in Korea and 6 years (under Experimental use Permit) in the USA there
has been no documented cases of resistance to PoaCure. With our guidance of using PoaCure in
Australia we aim to delay any form of resistance for a long time to come.

One big advantage of PoaCure is the safety aspects across a wide variety of turf species with the
exception of:

  • Creeping Red Fescue
  • • Colonial bentgrass

No. however if heavy frosts and no growth is occurring we do not recommend any applications due
to the increase bare areas after the poa has died.

Even though PoaCure is very safe and effective for controlling Poa, with any herbicide issues can
arise. This is one reason we have implemented this process for the purchase of PoaCure.

Moghu Research conducted over 15 replicated independent trials for registration purposes across
NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia on various turf species.

PoaCure (Active Ingredient: Methiozolin) was discovered and developed by Moghu Research Center
Ltd., based in South Korea. Dr. Suk-Jin Koo founded Moghu Research Center in 2007 and developed
PoaCure for poa control in recreational turf. PoaCure in Australia has been under development and
extensively tested since 2012. it was first registered in South Korea in 2010.

PoaCure was granted a research permit in Australia in 2012 which has been current up until
registration was granted. Only certain turf facilities were on the permit and could trial the product
under guidance from Colin Campbell (Chemicals). It has been fully registered in 2020.

Moghu Research Centre Website

Many world leading universities with reputable turf programs have tested PoaCure. For example,
Auburn University, University of Tennessee, Penn State, North Carolina University, Virginia Tech and
UC Riverside are among the many facilities to conduct comprehensive testing with PoaCure.

PoaCure is made in South Korea. PoaCure is registered in USA. South Korea, Japan and Australia at
the moment. Please talk to Moghu Research for other countries outside Australia and New Zealand.

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We are involved predominantly in both horticulture and turf segments. We specialise in bringing
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